Beautiful Restoration Book

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When Kaylene Balzer and her husband, Bryan, opened their hearts and their house to a homeless woman in 2015, they had no idea that their single act of kindness would launch a ministry in which the truth of God's Word would become the key to freedom for countless women. Their home quickly became a haven for broken women who met there on a weekly basis. There they experienced God's love and wisdom through Kaylene, her best friend, Lisa Clark, and a faithful group of caring mentors.

Beautiful Restoration is a compilation of twelve true-life stories of women who overcame seemingly impossible situations as their lives were transformed by God's restoring love. These searchingly honest narratives describe their desperate quests for truth as they sought freedom from ...

• abuse
• addiction
• homosexuality
• fear
• depression
• personality disorders and more.

As you journey with these women through their life and death battles, you'll discover the life-changing truths from God's Word that set them free. Most importantly, you find that God offers hope and freedom to anyone who will reach out to Him-even when all reason for hope seems to be gone.